Fifty days after the Mystery of Golgotha and ten days after Ascension (when Christ expanded his sphere to include all earthly and heavenly worlds), He gifted mankind with the Holy Spirit. White Sunday is a celebration of this heavenly gift we carry and nurture within our hearts.

All are welcome (although the Act of Consecration of Man services and talks are reserved for adults). (see when childcare will be provided)

June 2-4, 2017 will see a regional Whitsun  Festival in Albuquerque and Santa Fe

Rev. Jim Hindes, our Christian Community priest from Denver, will be the keynote speaker.  As a special offering, the Act of Consecration of Man, will be celebrated on both Saturday and Sunday.  This is to honor the completion of Ascension and the beginning of Whitsun.


Albuquerque:   Friday, June 2 –  7:00pm.

Evening talk by Rev. Hindes “The Mystery of Jesus’ Body- The Precondition for Easter”

201 Madison N.E.   (corner Copper and Madison- 1 block north of Central)

Santa Fe:  all activities held in the Santa Fe Waldorf High School,

Saturday, June 3

10:00am  Act of Consecration of Man service*

11-1 Picnic Potluck, Seasonal Crafts and Walk

1pm. Talk by Rev. Hindes “Easter-Ascension-Pentecost-3 steps to our salvation”  (childcare available)

2-4 Scheduled time for private consultations with Rev. Hindes ( to sign up call Sally-505 883-4815).

Sunday, June 4

10:00am Act of Consecration of Man*  (childcare will be provided)

11:15-11:30 Children’s Service**

*The Act of Consecration of Man is a devotional christian service whereby Rudolf Steiner renewed the ancient spiritual christian mass.  It is celebrated around the world and created for an adult experience.  Please enter reverently before 10 am.

**Children’s Service is a short devotional service for children 7-14.  Here, in a short festive act, the children are led to revere God  as the primal ground of all nature, working in all people and things.  Please call Mary Jo Dorr if you would like your child to participate(505-954-1036).