Astronomy and Astrosophy Study Group Begins

On Tuesday, September 5, 2017 from 7:00-9:00 p.m., Martha Keltz initiates a weekly Astronomy and Astrosophy Study Group.

Meetings will be in the community room of the Silvercrest Apartment building located at 4400 Pan American Freeway NE, Albuquerque, 87107.

The following books will begin the studies:

Basic Astronomy:

NightWatch, A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe, by Terence Dickinson. Revised Fourth Edition, Updated for Use Through 2025.


Cosmic Christianity and the Changing Countenance of Cosmology, by Willi Sucher
Can be downloaded here – or purchased in the usual places one finds books.

These books should be available used (and perhaps also new) on, as well as those noted below.

Additional Studies can include:

Astronomy and Astrology, Finding a Relationship to the Cosmos, From the Work of Rudolf Steiner

Astronomy and Spiritual Science, The Astronomical Letters of Elisabeth Vreede

Elisabeth Vreede’s book would be very good to have handy for the study work because it has an excellent index and covers in great detail almost all areas in Willi Sucher’s book – it treats of some of the complex subjects in Cosmic Christianity in greater detail and adding much clarity.

Human and Cosmic Thought, Four Lectures by Rudolf Steiner, 1914
Can be found here – or purchased in the usual places one finds books.

In Human and Cosmic Thought, Rudolf Steiner presents a “Mental Zodiac” and “Seven World-Outlook Moods.” He may have given these lectures in part as a means of avoiding too much emphasis on natal horoscopes, stressing that many changes and differences from the natal horoscope were destined to occur throughout the course of an individual’s life.


From the east, take Montgomery Blvd to Carlisle, and after crossing Carlisle move into the left lane. Turn left at the Giant store (the store is also on the left) onto Pan American Freeway. This is a small curving road. Turn left at the second driveway on Pan American Freeway. (The first left turn will take you to the Salvation Army Chapel and many turn here by mistake.) The second left turn is correct, leading to the apartment building and grounds (the building is a tan and brick building – and the large 4400 number over the front door cannot be missed.) Veer left after turning and go straight to the guest parking lot in the back (the parking lot on the south side of the building).

All doors to the building are kept locked. Call Martha Keltz, who will come down and guide the way through some side doors. The front door by the office also has a buzzer. Both doors are near the community room. Once the way to the side door is learned, someone will always be there to let you into the building.

Contact: Martha Keltz at 505-255-1901
email: martha_keltz[at]yahoo[dot]com

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